A family friendly game for consoles and mobile by the Good Evil.

My position in this project:
Game Artist
"Squirrel & Bear: Rascal's Escape" is a European jump and travel adventure.
Embark with Squirrel and Bear on a rescue mission through Europe's amazing cities, from from Amsterdam to Zagreb. Follow Rascal's clues on Badgergram. Use the unique abilities of Squirrel and Bear to collect Buzz, overcome obstacles, carry objects, talk to new friends, catch a ride, find souvenirs, taste delicious food and listen to Europe's foreign languages. Combine Squirrel with Bear for the ultimate team experience to discover hidden places! Pack your bags and join Squirrel & Bear on their next journey!
Made for family and friends. Play with 1-2 players on Nintendo Switch, PC and Mobile. Discover Europe's true treasure, its cultural diversity, and bring Rascal back!

the Good Evil is an award winning Indie Game Studio based in Cologne, Germany.
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